Make it happen. Go for Balance and Harmony within yourself AND your life!

Thank you for checking out my website and this is no coincidence that you have found Beautiful Life.

My ambitions are to guide people to achieve relationships of their dreams providing support with their own transformation as everything starts with YOU to achieve your own desired successes in all areas of your lives. It is about achieving balance and how to create that balance in relationships, health, work and financial successes, as first and foremost, the balance needs to be created within ourselves first before we can be a role model for others. 

  • Know and understand yourself.
  • Unlock your true potential.
  • Walk through life with confidence.
  • Achieve your desired life.
  • Be a leader.
  • Lead with authenticity and integrity. 

My role is to motivate, encourage and to inspire you in a dynamic way to help you seeing and identifying your own strengths and greatness within yourself, being by your side so you can live life to your fullest potential with the focus on seeing the best in yourself. It is about taking you from dreaming of a specific goal to actually living it. It is accompanying you along your on personal journey from dream to reality. It does include challenges and hurdles but with that comes motivating YOU with your goal in mind.  

  • It is about personal development with a focus on getting to know and to understand yourself, unlocking your true potential, developing confidence and empowerment, achieving your desired life and to be able to make the right decisions for yourself cutting out manipulation and toxicity in your life. 
  • It is about being in control of your own emotions because when you are calm your intelligence is up. Why? Because you can focus on your responses rather than your emotions. 
  • It is about challenging you  on certain beliefs and how the mind gets conditioned over decades and that the picture you have in mind about yourself got distorted due to certain experiences in life as you have greatness within yourself which might have been dormant for a long period of time.  
  • It is about you stepping into your own power, being a strong person standing firmly on the ground with both feet as you are in charge of yourself.  
  • It is about you creating this dream team for home and work because if you understand yourself, if you are balanced within yourself and if you can embrace your strengths and weaknesses with confidence - you can be your authentic self, leading with integrity because you know that your actions will benefit yourself and others as you have the best outcome in mind. 

My certificates and qualifications are as follows:

  • training as an RTT hypnotherapist by Marisa Peer - Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist 
  • NLP Practitioner (Achieve Your Greatness)
  • Certified in CBT by NLP Centre of Excellence
  • Diploma in Mindfulness Life coaching by NLP Centre of Excellence
  • Certified in Psychotherapy but not a qualified psychotherapist
  • Train the Trainer Certification by Blair Singer and T. Harv Eker (Success Resources)
  • Qualified Teacher - Secondary School Teacher for 20 years, teaching German including leading and managing MFL department, Professional Mentor for Teacher Trainees and Newly Qualified Teachers
  • TEFL qualification - English as a foreign language

What is the definition of the word BEAUTIFUL?

Having an attractive quality that gives pleasure to those who experience it or think about it. Being beautiful is not about the physical features, it’s about being you. If you are being true to yourself, then you are beautiful.

 My definition of a beautiful life.

  • you know and understand yourself.
  • you can walk through life with confidence.
  • you start to have a desire of changing your life.
  • you own the happiness inside yourself as a state of being.
  • you are able to set healthy boundaries.
  • you can see when people don't want your best
  • you can see the beauty of any negative past experiences.
  • you can change your perception of past events.
  • your inner world is at peace and you know whatever you do comes from your heart.
  • you can be the change you want to see in the world. (M Gandhi)

When you simply know, you are true to yourself.

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My intention is to help people to live a happy and fulfilled life in all 4 main areas - relationships, health, work and finances. It can all be achieved with dedication and commitment. 

Enjoy reading and be inspired. 

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